Our Deliciousness

We've hard at work since our inception in 1913 to bring the best quality fruit to you and your family. Our growers supply many varieties of organics as well as conventional pears, apples, and cherries.


Quality fruit means a lot to us and we take pride in working to provide the best for you. Look for our Superfresh brand at your local supermarket so you can taste and see for yourself!


How does our Fruit stack up?

Cherries are our favorite delicacy. They are an integral part of our Blue Bird family and have been since 1995. We take great pride in packing the finest varieties that you love!

Pears from Peshastin are like none other in the world. Our unique micro-climate produces premium pears that are enjoyed by all! We ship the world over so you can taste the difference for yourself.

Apples are always a favorite to enjoy! And we take great satisfaction in producing them for your table. In fact, we've been hard at it since 1987.

Our Legacy: Your Produce

Blue Bird Shipping Locations

Peshastin Plant (HQ) - phone: 509.548.1700


Wenatchee Plant - phone: 509.662.5191

shipping - phone: 509.667.9693

Our Headquarters

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